Our actions

At a 2017 meeting at the joint AAS/ASA/ASANZ conference, a working group agreed on a set of actions as priorities in response to the sexual assault and harassment crisis.

Here, we will be tracking how these actions are developing. Each action is being worked on by an international group of scholars. Please email metooanthro@gmail.com to get involved in the process.

  1. Developing adaptations for professional anthropology societies’ ethical guidelines for research that acknowledge:
    • the possibility of gendered and/or sexual violence in the field;
    • a commitment to ensuring respectful research conduct in professional settings.
  2. Provide programs/guidelines/resources for how supervisors and faculty can betteer support students in response to allegations of sexual assault and harassment.
  3. Develop pre-fieldwork seminar sessions and planning opportunities for students heading to fieldwork in relation to the potential for sexual harassment and assault in the field.
  4. Make available an online resource with country-specific information (eg: where to report sexual violence, dealing with police, local support groups) as well as mentor networks to support young scholars in specific field sites.
  5. To ensure that the resources/training produced address the intersections between gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, and are accessible to as many as possible.

We welcome new actions, new voices, and new goals. If there’s something you’d like to work on with us, please get in contact.

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