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We are collecting stories of sexual assault and harassment in anthropology in order to demonstrate the breadth and magnitude of this problem, and as part of the effort to start talking about something that has, for too long, not been talked enough about in our discipline, nor in the academy more broadly.

The stories we collect are anonymous. We will post submitted stories on this website. They stand alone, as stories. Together, they may show us what our efforts need to pay attention to. We will not be using these stories elsewhere for other purposes or treating them as data.

Some other projects where you might prefer to relate an account of your experiences for different purposes include: Dr Karen Kelsky’s survey on sexual harassment in the academy; if your institution is one of those partnered with Callisto Campus (USA only so far), you can submit a timestamped, confidential report, naming the offender, that will be electronically submitted to campus authorities; the long-running Everyday Sexism page. We will add more resources here as they become known to us.

If you would like to identify yourself to us or contribute via email, please contact us at


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